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Parution novembre 2010. "Sorption Process and Pollution"

24 novembre 2010

This book shows a typical selection of the types of adsorbents studied and used in wastewater treatment, with emphasis on industrial effluents. The types of materials considered range from conventional sorbents such as carbons and silicas, to non-conventional solids such as sawdust and chitosan. Sorbents for specific applications (e.g. colour removal, metal extraction, fluoride removal) and new polymeric-based sorbents (calixarenes, molecularly imprinted polymers, cyclodextrins) are discussed in detail. For people who are new to the field, two special overview chapters, dealing with the principles and properties of adsorption processes, are provided at the beginning of the book. Also, the book provides a detailed review of sorption features.

Grégorio Crini environmental polymerist, received his PhD in organic and macromolecular chemistry from the university of Lille in 1995. He joined the university of Franche-Comté at Besançon in 1997 where he was made research director in 2000. His current interests focus on the design of novel polymer networks and the environmental aspects of polysaccharide chemistry.

Pierre-Marie Badot environmental biologist, received his PhD in plant sciences from the university of Franche-Comté in 1987. He became research director in 1991 and full professor in 1993. His main scientific work deals with responses of living organisms to abiotic stress : pollutant transfer and effects of pollution on ecosystems.

498 pages, 19,5 x 26 cm, prix : 42 euros, isbn 978-2-84867-304-2 édité par les Presses universitaires de Franche-Comté

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