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16 November 2023

Postdoctoral position - landscape ecology, paleoecology

Retrospective simulations of fires and spruce budworm epidemics in the boreal
forest of eastern Canada during the Holocene

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19 November 2021

Special issue on cyclodextrins

Grégorio Crini et Lotfi Aleya viennent d’éditer un numéro spécial sur les cyclodextrines dans le journal Environmental Science and Pollution Research

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25 May 2021

Call for papers

Special issue of the journal Molecules on non-conventional adsorbent materials

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22 September 2020

New publication: The History of Cyclodextrins

This book presents The historical development of Cyclodextrins by scientists who have made outstanding contribution to the field. Cyclodextrins are safe, cage-like molecules that have found major (...)

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30 June 2020

Glass from the 8th to the 16th century in Western Europe

Inès PACTAT et Claudine MUNIER (dir.)

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15 May 2020

New publication: Hemp Production and Applications

Grégorio Crini (environmental polymerist at Chrono- environment) and Eric Lichtfouse have just published a work at Springer on hemp in the "Sustainable Agriculture Reviews" collection. Hemp is an (...)

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1 July 2019

Emerging Contaminants: Calling Chapters

Nadia Morin-Crini, Eric Lichtfouse and Grégorio Crini are preparing a new book called Emerging Contaminants. The publication is scheduled for 2020 in Springer Nature Publishing’s Environmental (...)

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26 June 2018

Just published : Cyclodextrin Applications in Medicine, Food, Environment and Liquid Crystals

Edited by Sophie Fourmentin, Grégorio Crini (environmental polymerist at the Chrono laboratory -Environment), and Eric Lichtfouse, this book deals with applications of cyclodextrins in medicine, (...)

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2 May 2018

Cyclodextrin Fundamentals, Reactivity and Analysis

Provides a unique overview of the latest research on cyclodextrins

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18 April 2018

New edition of the book "Numerical ecology with R"

Ecrite par Daniel Borcard, François Gillet (professeur à l’université de Franche-Comté) et Pierre Legendre, cette nouvelle édition vient de paraître chez Springer International Publishing.

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