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Appel à publication dans Sustainable Agriculture Reviews

Appel à chapitres pour un nouveau livre qui sera publié par Springer Nature sur "Applications of Chitin and Chitosan"

Aims and topics
We invite scientists to write high-quality literature reviews focused on the recent developments, research
trends, methods and issues related to the use of chitin and chitosan for both basic research and applied
Topics include :

  • Sources, extraction processes, synthesis and characterization : trends, challenges, opportunities.
  • Chitosan chemistry and depolymerization : structure and activity, solution properties, hydrolytic
    cleavage, production of oligomers.
  • Production, characterization and fundamentals of new materials : Hydrogels, nanogels, nanoparticles
    and nanostructured materials, nanofibers, films, hybrid materials, chitosan blending.
  • Pharmaceutical and biomedical fields : drug delivery, tissue engineering, bone regeneration,
    neuroprotective effect, anticancer agent, antidiabetic activity, antihypertensive action, therapeutic
    applications, dentistry, gene therapy, imaging applications, veterinary medicine.
  • Foods, agricultural and biotechnology applications : food processing, food preservation, additives,
    antimicrobial properties, antioxidant activity, food packaging materials, plant protection,
    micronutrients, fertilizer, soil enrichment, seed coating, enzymes.
  • Chemistry and chromatography : modifications, encapsulation, click reactions, membranes, chiral
  • Environmental applications : water treatment, soil stabilization, pollutant removal, mechanisms and
  • Miscellaneous applications : cosmetic products and cosmeceuticals, personal hygiene, textiles, pulp
    and paper, beverage activity, ionic liquids, solvents, electronic applications.

SAR publishes review articles analyzing the critical points of current knowledge including substantive findings as well as theoretical, methodological and technological contributions to a particulartopic. Literature reviews
are secondary sources, and as such, report no or very few original work.

The submission deadline is October 1st, 2018

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