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International symposium on ponds, Barenton-Bugny (Aisne), 20-22 October 2022

Ponds, a constructed natural heritage, a neglected cultural heritage. Integrating the geohistorical and territorial dimensions in the contemporary management of small water bodies.

The Groupe d’Histoire des Zones Humides (GHZH), the Association pour le Développement de la Recherche et de l’Enseignement de l’Environnement (ADREE) and the Société Nationale de Protection de la Nature (SNPN) are pursuing operational objectives related to the protection of wetlands and the study of their temporalities in a synchronous and scientifically related manner. These organisations have been involved in the development of ponds for many years: The GHZH through the active participation of its president in the PNRZH "Mares, des potentialités environnementales à revaloriser" and through the creation of the Pôle-relais "Mares et mouillères de France", the ADREE through its contribution to these actions and then through the animation of the regional programme on the mares of the Hauts-de-France, the SNPN through the animation of a programme on the protection of the mares of the Île-de-France and through the annual national event "Fête des mares".

The idea thus arose of a joint event, supported by three research laboratories involved in the study of wetlands, which will encourage cross-reflection on the scientific and management paths of these hybrid environments. This reflection is also in line with the numerous national and regional actions for the revaluation of ponds due to the natural and cultural versatility of their patrimonial interest.

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