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Virtual summer school - August 2021

The Virtual One Health International Bachelor and Master Summer School is organized by the University of Bern and operates in distance learning mode. The virtual course offers a unique opportunity to explore the methods and current knowledge on the health of terrestrial food chains, from soils to plants, animals and humans.


The virtual One Health Int. PhD/Postdoc Summer School-`Environmental pollution : from soils to human health` will explore the fate, transport and health effects of contaminants in the environment, focusing on the biogeochemical cycles of inorganic and organic contaminants, their transformations and bioaccumulation.
- It is open to PhD and Postdocs from biology, bioinformatics, chemistry, environmental sciences, geography, medicine, veterinary medicine.


The virtual One Health Int. Bachelor/Master Summer School- Hidden Figures in the Food Chain will explore health connections along terrestrial food chains in different food production systems.
- It is for 3rd year Bachelor and 1st year Master students in Life Sciences

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