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History of the climate, yesterday, today and tomorrow

The successive International Climate Conferences strongly demonstrate the urgency of taking action by adopting truly effective and widely applied measures. The originality of the approach chosen by the speakers is due to its regional base, which can seem surprising when one knows how much the climate and the meteorology are played by the administrative and political limits defined by the men.
In fact, if the fair share is made in Franche-Comté, the major climate trends affecting the entire planet are never hidden. This conference will reveal the most recent results, offering a reconstruction of the climatic history of the last 500 million years in Franche-Comté. Particular attention will be paid to the last millennia and especially the recent evolution of the climate and its evolution during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Six speakers working in Franche-Comté, from different and complementary disciplines, have joined forces.
In the order of their intervention:
- Vincent Bichet, geologist;
- Hervé Richard, paleoenvironmentalist;
- Michel Magny, paleoclimatologist;
- Pierre Gresser, historian of the Middle Ages;
- Emmanuel Garnier, historian of climate and risks ;
- Bruno Vermot-Desroches, Works engineer at Météo-France, head of the Besançon Meteorological Center.

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