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Are earthquakes in Franche-Comté anecdotal?

Have you ever felt the Earth move under your feet? Pressures, deformations, etc. how do we know what’s going on in the basement?

Thanks to the densification of the observation networks and to the progress of the seismological techniques, one realized that the earth’s crust was constantly being deformed, that a multitude of earthquakes occurred daily. These earthquakes result from the fracturing of rocks by natural processes (movement of tectonic plates, migration of fluids in the subsoil ...) or are induced by human activity (dams, quarry shooting, nuclear tests, hydraulic fracturing ...) .
Franche-Comté is no exception, as it is regularly affected by earthquakes that are sometimes significant compared to metropolitan France, as evidenced by the occurrence of the magnitude 5.1 earthquake in 2004.

The objective of this conference is to present the state of knowledge on the origin of this seismicity, on the deformations that undergoes the subsoil of the region and on their consequences, while explaining the methods used to study it.

Julie Albaric is a teacher-researcher at the University of Franche-Comté. It studies the structure of the subsoil and its deformation from seismic wave recordings generated by earthquakes or human activity.

Are the earthquakes in Franche-Comté anecdotal?
Little Kursaal, Besançon
Monday, December 9, 2019, 8 pm
Free admission
General public

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