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Are our water resources inexhaustible?

In a context where our uses are increasing, Catherine Bertrand, hydrogeologist, will address at this conference the problem of renewing the water resource.

Which is never ever thought or heard during the rainy spring "Rho ... It’s still raining, I hope that now we will not talk about the drought of our water tables! "
But by the way, the rain, even when it is abundant, just make our water resources unlimited?
In fact, when we talk about water resources, we generally say that fresh water is useful for irrigation, it is necessary for the industry. Fresh water is one of those natural resources that can be found for a long time as unlimited ... Renewable would be more appropriate: the water cycle, solar radiation, active, the transfer of water between oceans, continents , atmosphere and biosphere and fresh water is an almost inexhaustible resource: it is never made, but it has been transferred. In total, on a global scale, men used (transferred) less than a fifth of the theoretically available resources ...
But this abundance is only relative ...
This cycle, constantly renewed, is considered to be very unequal on the surface of the Earth. In some parts of the world, water is drawn from groundwater at higher speeds. It is therefore, locally, a non-renewable resource that is exploited!
Understands that global renewal is not the assurance of an inexhaustible resource locally, to evaluate why and how this resource can be assigned to our daily life is therefore a key issue in many regions ...

Catherine Bertrand is a researcher-lecturer at the University of Franche-Comté and works on the impact of groundwater on the triggering of mountainous slope instabilities with a view to preventing gravity risks.

Are our water resources inexhaustible?
Little Kursaal, Besançon
July 1st, 2019, 8 pm
Free admission
General public

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