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Earthquakes and tsunamis: will one day be able to predict them?

The earthquakes and tidal waves that are sometimes associated with them are some of the deadliest natural disasters. Their sudden and unpredictable nature largely explains the often high number of casualties.
Over the last decades, many so-called revolutionary theories or methods have given rise to the hope that the prediction or prediction of earthquakes has become possible (theory of "dilatancy", theory of "seismic deficiencies", Chinese methods in the 1970s, VAN method in the 1980s ...). Unfortunately, none of these ads have stood the test of fact.

On the other hand, and apart from this quest for prediction, the global scientific community is struggling to understand the deep geological mechanisms that cause earthquakes. Without the best possible understanding of these mechanisms, the prediction of earthquakes will remain illusory.
The conference aims to show the progress made in understanding the earthquake phenomenon and the road ahead before we can reasonably hope to access the prediction.

Olivier Fabbri, professor at the University of Franche-Comté, is a geologist and studies the traces of earthquakes spent in the rocks of Europe and Asia.

Sunday March 4th
Petit Kursaal, 18h
Free entrance

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