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15 December 2017

The chemistry of water, from theory to industrial practice

Twenty-one students of the Professional Quality and Safety Environment License at UFR-Sciences et Techniques were welcomed by Soizic Hein (sanitary-safety engineer) and Benoit Rolin (environmental technician) at Gemdoubs SAS of Novillars. Their goal: to discover the reality of an industrial site in the treatment of water.

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22 May 2017

Cartography from mapmaking to dreamed maps

Within the pedagogic & cultural course of the Besançon city, the Franche-Comté University and its Sciences, Arts & culture departement, Nicolas Carry from the Chrono-environnement institut & the Superseñor association have the pleasure to convene you to the concluding seminar of ’’Cartography from mapmaking to dreamed maps’’.

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12 May 2017

3d conference: Soyez les Chercheurs

Soyez les chercheurs’’ lead pupil to discover research works. During the year, pupils are help to make bibliography, experimentation, wrote a paper & prepare a talk.

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