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Wastewater and water chemistry, from education to industry

Twenty-nine students of the university’s Quality Safety Environment degree have visited the industrial site of the Gemdoubs paper mill located in Novillars on Tuesday, October 15, with the objective of discovering the reality of a regional SME in the management and processing of waste. The students of the L3 QSE, 12 of whom are in continuing education, were welcomed by Soïzic Hein (health and safety environment coordinator), Jimmy Hartmann (environmental safety quality technician) and Éric Gravier (commercial director). They discovered how to put into practice the chemistry, the analysis and the engineering of the water dispensed at the level of teaching in the service of an industrial activity by Nadia and Grégorio Crini (chrono-environment). The students thus discovered the water circuit in a company, from its sampling (raw water) to its rejection (treated waste water respecting the ELV, emission limit values), as well as its use in manufacturing. paper pulp used to make the PPO, corrugated paper which is also used today for the manufacture of furniture! The water treatment implemented by the paper mill consists of a chemistry-biology coupling using techniques of decantation, biodegradation, flocculation, mineralization and rhizosphere treatment. Gemdoubs is a green and eco-friendly company, with several certifications. It is also an LPO approved refuge and has several eco labels. The students particularly appreciated the efforts made by the company to minimize its impact on the environment through the implementation of eco-friendly practices: more than 97% of water recycling, reuse of chemical and biological sludge in the industrial process, actions to promote biodiversity on the site, use of a biomass boiler to recover energy, etc.

Contact: Nadia and Gregory Crini

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