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Offre de Post-doc au Canada, Sciences des sols et microbiologie

Post-doctoral opportunity at University of Saskatchewan

The University of Saskatchewan, Department of Soil Science is searching for a post-doctoral fellow in soil chemistry or microbiology to explore the role of the iron anamox cycling in bulk fertilzier plants. The candidate should have experience in either : (i) the characterization of iron minerals by synchrotron techniques or (ii) characterization of autotrophic microbial communities involved in nitrogen cycling. The successful candidate will work in an interdisciplinary environment with Professors’s Peak and Siciliano.

The goal of this project is to build flow-through column systems to characterize iron evolution as iron anamox bacteria reduce Fe(III) and oxidize NH3. Candidate’s must have published several papers in top tier journals to be considered for this position. The term of this PDF would be for 2 years beginning September 1, 2018 and would be at the rate of $45,000 per year. This PDF would be part of the CREATE SAFER program which the candidate can find at :

Contact Professors Derek Peak (derek.peak chez or Steven Siciliano (steven.siciliano chez for more information.

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