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Offre de Post-doctorat, Sismologie environnementale, Besançon

Applications are invited for a 12-month post-doctoral position starting between September 1st and November 1st 2021, on the subject :
“Imaging karstic aquifer during flood events with passive seismic methods” under the responsibility of Chrono-environnement (Besançon).

> The deadline for application is 15th June 2021.

Karst aquifers are critical groundwater resources impacted by land-use and global climate change. These reservoirs are known for being complex mediums, generally not accessible, presenting a highly heterogeneous distribution of permeability (conduits, fractures, faults, rock matrix). For this reason, their functioning is still poorly understood. This research is part of the interdisciplinary project SISMEAUCLIM (2020-2022), which aims at better characterizing the response of a karst aquifer in the Jura mountains, at the scale of a catchment basin (Fourbanne, Doubs), during extreme meteorological events (flash floods, drought). The project involves three teams from the University of Bourgogne-Franche-Comte, specialized in Seismology, Hydrogeology and Climatology located in the Chrono-environnement (Besançon) and Biogéosciences (Dijon) institutes. A PhD thesis linked to the project has started in October 2020, which focuses in jointly analyzing seismological, hydrogeological and atmospheric data recorded on the aquifer.

Work description :
Hydrogeological and passive seismic monitoring of the Fourbanne aquifer have been carried out for several years by the SNO Karst observatory JURASSIC KARST and the JURAQUAKE seismological network (OSU THETA). This dataset will be completed by a 4- month acquisition campaign at the end of 2021, which will consist in the deployment and maintenance of 65 seismological sensors (SISMOB-RESIF) and 30 rain-gauge stations over the whole catchment basin. A reconnaissance campaign is in progress and the rain-gauge stations will be installed by the end of summer 2021. The post-doctoral position is dedicated to this 4-month acquisition campaign and associated seismological data processing. The objective is twofold and will be conducted in the form of one-year contract.
- Aim 1 (September/November-December 2021) : take part to the preparation and the launch of the 4-month acquisition campaign together with researchers, students and technicians involved in the SISMEAUCLIM project. Work on existing seismological data together with the PhD student (flood events characterization, microseismicity detection, ambient seismic noise correlation).
- Aim 2 (January 2021 - August/September 2022) : participate to the maintenance of the temporary seismological network. Build the seismic data base, compute cross-correlation functions between seismic sensors and estimate velocity variations induced by water flow across the catchment basin.

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