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Offre de thèse, écologie isotopique, Lille

Ph-D position
ISIT_U : In search of isotopic uncertainties in ecology using food web dynamic modelling

The present project deals with the improvement of a widely used tool in Ecology, i.e. stable isotope analysis (SIA), by a better understanding of the underlying mechanisms and by a greater account taken of its incorporation in trophic ecology. Living organisms interact by means of predator-prey relationships within food webs therefore controlling most ecological processes directly or indirectly. Improving SIA methods at different biological organisational levels allows to better monitor how global change affects biodiversity and ecosystem functioning (climate regulation, food supply etc…) in a multifactorial way. Primary focus will be on marine species and ecosystems but could be extended to terrestrial species and ecosystems for comparison purposes. For example, a database on marine and freshwater fishes has been already completed. The project is fundamental, yet the impact on the scientific community will be straight thanks to the development of R packages freely available.

Key words : Trophic ecology, dynamic modelling, stable isotopes, diet-switching experiment, trophic enrichment factor.


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