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Offre de thèse - Paléoécologie, Québec (CAN)

New phd position in paleoecology and quantitative wood anatomy.
Tree-ring anatomy of subfossil woods to study the climate variability of the Quebec boreal region

The University of Quebec in Abitibi-Temiscamingue is looking for a student for a PhD project on boreal forest dynamics and climate variability.

During the last decade, our research group developed an important network of tree-ring chronologies using black spruce subfossil trees (well-preserved tree logs) collected in lakes of the boreal forest of Quebec. This network has been classified as one of the most robust in the world for climate studies. The resulting chronologies cover two millennia and have already allowed preliminary temperature reconstructions for the Quebec boreal region, as well as reconstructions of the past fire history at the stand level. Up to now, our studies were based on the analysis of traditional tree-ring traits, such as ring width, density, and stable isotopes of tree-ring cellulose.

Our reconstructions show an alternation of colder periods with reduced tree growth (for example following the largest volcanic eruptions of the last two millennia) and of warmer periods with sustained growth of spruce trees (for example between 650 and 750 AD and during the last decades). However, these interpretations need to be further refined with additional data. The PhD student will analyze tree-ring anatomical traits on subfossil woods to obtain complementary information and improve paleoecological interpretations.

Keywords : Paleoclimatology ; Paleoecology ; Dendrochronology ; Anatomical traits ; Tree functioning.

Phd Subfossil anatomy

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