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Offre post-doc UMR LISAH

LISAH have one postdoctoral position (12 months) within the ANR RUEdesSOLS project (2014-2018) : “Estimation of the soil Available Water Content by direct measurements and crop-model inversion, from the plot to the territory scales”. The postdoctoral position will be devoted to the estimation of the components of the soil available water content (AWC) by inversion of the STICS crop model on vineyards. During the year 2015, an extensive experiment was conducted on the La Peyne vineyard watershed (southern France), including soil and plant monitoring over 15 vineyard plots, and acquisition of a large number of satellite images. Two types of remotely sensed variables will be tested in the inversion procedure : the leaf area index (LAI), derived from visible-NIR images, and the actual evapotranspiration
(ETa) derived from visible-NIR and thermal infrared images.

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