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Job opening : Postdoc position - Iron Age iron smelting

Post-doctoral position for a new research frame funded by the Israel Science Foundation “Early Iron (Iron Age I-IIA) Smelting in the Southern Levant ; Technological Aspects”

(Possibilities for MA/MSc/PhD may also exist).

The aim of the proposed research is to investigate the apparent diversity in iron production and smelting technologies during the Iron Age II (late 10th-early 9th C. BCE) in the southern Levant. The research will focus on the reconstruction of smelting techniques including the choice of raw materials, the type of smelting installations used and the type of slag produced. The project is interdisciplinary by nature and will involve geochemists, archaeologists, archaeometallurgists and professional iron smelters, and will be coordinated by the PI – Dr. Adi Eliyahu-Behar.

The Post-doctoral Fellow will be expected to be part of the team, responsible for planning, conducting, and analyzing the results of several experimental smelts, using local available ore sources. The successful candidate should have a proved experience in the field of archaeometallurgy (preferably of iron/steel), knowledge of sample preparation, chemical and microscopic characterization of ores, slags, refractory ceramics and a like using various analytical methods.

This is a full time, two-year position situated at Ariel University, Israel, starting September 2018 (or earlier).

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