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Chiara Mongiovì


My name is Chiara Mongiovì, I’m 28 and I come from a little, but very beautiful city in southern Italy in the Basilicata region called Venosa.

What is your background before coming to the lab ?
Before coming in France I’ve been both a student and a part time worker ; my background touches different fields : during High School I chose humanistic studies and at the same time I attended a Music Conservatory ; after graduating from both schools, I moved to Bari where I started my university studies in Chemistry getting a Bachelor and a Second level Master’s degree.

Why come to this lab ?
I’m working with Gregorio and Nadia Crini, environnemental chemists. I discovered this laboratory because during my thesis work I studied many scientific articles made by this staff that really helped me to go on in my work ; so I can say that I’m here to learn and deepen what I started in my thesis. My contract for one year has started on 1st of february.

What is your research topic and what do you like in this area of research ?
The field of my work is water pollution, more precisely the use of natural fibers in water treatment. I really like my job because I’m deeply in love with everything concerning environment and nature ; I’m not a stubborn environmentalist, I’m not someone who protests or tries to save the world by telling others what to do ; I simply feel that I’m part of all this World and I want to live by taking care of it and giving my little, little contribution.

What will you do during your stay here ?
The aim of my work is to study materials (such as cyclodextrin polymers) that can be used to adsorb pollutants (such as metals) from water.

And finally, where we can find you in the lab ?
My office is in the room 221K.

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