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Dario Lacalamita

Portrait of Dario Lacalamita, young researcher hired to the lab in the framework of the FINEAU project

Where do you come from ?
I come from a town in southern Italy, in the region of Puglia (Bari being the regional capital), called Modugno. It is a tourist town with many historical and religious sites, and a typical gastronomy.

How long are you in Besançon ?
I am in Besançon since January. This is my first time in this city and in France as well. Besançon is a very nice city, full of greenery and good food. I hope to stay here for a long time to discover the region.

What is your background before coming to the lab ?

I studied chemistry at the University of Bari and after my studies I worked in a company specialized in chemical analysis. My work consisted in identifying and quantifying pollutants (PAHs, pesticides) present in surface and ground waters. Since I was young, I have loved chemistry and since high school I chose technical studies centered on biology and chemistry. After graduating, I started university studies in chemistry, obtaining a bachelor’s degree and a second level master’s degree.

Why come to this lab ?
I work with the research group of Gregorio and Nadia Crini. During my university thesis, I was able to read many of their publications, which was very useful for my graduation. The Bari laboratory is working on the same cyclodextrin polymers of the Bisontin group for uses in the field of water remediation. This is why, at the end of my university studies, I contacted Gregorio Crini to ask him if there was a possibility of participating in an internship in his group. I sent my CV, had an interview and was hired in the framework of the FINEAU project, financed by the Bourgogne Franche-Comté Region. This will be an opportunity for me to complete my training and to acquire the know-how developed by the team. What interests me a lot is the relations maintained by the Crini’s group with the regional industrialists, which is something that is not common in the south of Italy.

What is your research topic and what will you do during your stay here ?

My research topic concerns the treatment of industrial water by natural fibers such as hemp. It is an innovative subject because there are not yet concrete applications in the field of pollution control. Moreover, very few international teams are working on this subject. For the moment, I have a one-year contract.

How do you feel here despite the sanitary situation, how it impacts you in your work.

The health situation that the whole world is facing is not easy. In spite of this, we work in a good atmosphere, respecting the sanitary rules (wearing a mask, distancing ourselves, respecting the curfew). I am in contact with my relatives via social networks and I hope to return during the vacations if the situation allows it !

And finally, where we can find you in the lab ?
Our working laboratory is located in -206M and my office in the doctoral students’ room -221K.

Dario Lacalamita has published one paper wich focuses on the removal of tetracycline from polluted water by chitosan-olive pomace adsorbing films.

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