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Elemental analysis

ACE Technical Pole

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Office: -203M - Phone: +33 3 81 66 57 86
Mail: CRINI Nadia

AMIOT Caroline
Office: -203M - Phone: +33 3 81 66 57 83
Mail: AMIOT Caroline

LOUP Christophe
Office: -203L - Phone: +33 3 81 66 64 33
Mail: LOUP Christophe


Besançon - La Bouloie site - building K, floor -2 - Room -202K
Phone :

Brief summary of the activity
Mineralization/acid digestion, identification and quantification of major and trace inorganic elements in various matrices (water, soil, sediment, biological tissues) with analytical chemistry tools for support of scientific research programs in many fields (hydrogeology, chemistry, medicine, ecotoxicology…).
Steady development of analytical methods for the measurement of new elements in novel matrices; characterization and transfer in the food chain.

The analyzes or preparations

  • Mineralization:
    • Wet processing: digestion with hot acid medium in closed system under pressure (microwave) or at atmospheric pressure
    • Dry processing: calcination and solution treatment of mineral residue (ash) with acid
  • Analysis:
    • Major elements (Ca, Na, K, Mg, Si…) …); Applications: surface and ground water, industrial effluents…
    • Trace elements (Cd, Hg, As, Pb, Zn…); Applications: water, urine, animal matrices (liver, kidney, blood, hair, viscera snails…) and vegetable matrices (tree, fodder, plants…)…
    • Lanthanides; Applications: water, plant, soil…
    • Lead Pb isotopes (206Pb, 207Pb et 208Pb); Applications: water, peat…

List of devices

  • Mercury analyzer in solid state Courtage Analyses Services (AMA 254) with automatic sampler
  • Inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectrometer (ICP-AES) with radial viewing ThermoFisher Scientific (model iCAP 6500 Radial) and loop Fast
  • Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (ICP-MS) ThermoFisher Scientific (model iCAP RQ) and loop Fast ; coupling to a ionic chromatograpy chain (model ICS6000, ThermoFisher Scientific) for speciation (under development for arsenic and mercury)
  • Calcination furnace Nabertherm (P330)
  • 10 positions microwave digestion system Milestone (Ethos)
  • 48 positions digestion system by heating block SCP Sciences (Digiprep)


CNS Analysis

Besançon - La Bouloie site, Room -222M
Phone 03 81 66 64 33

Brief summary of the activity

The analyzes or preparations

  • total carbon, nitrogen and sulfur (200 to 1000 mg of sample)
  • organic carbon after acid attack of the sample (20 to 100 mg of sample)

List of devices

  • CNS analyser
  • COT analyser

LOUP Christophe

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