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Molecular Biology and Microbiology

B2ME Technical Pole

Manager LABOISSIÈRE Audrey
Office: R28 - Phone: +33 3 63 08 22 34

Haut du Chazal - Rabelais building - Floor 2

Brief summary of the activity
Technical unit “Molecular Biology and Microbiology” contains equipments and expertises to microbiological culture (bacteria, fungi, mites and parasites) and molecular analysis. Lab room are organized on walking forward structure to limit contaminations.

The analyzes or preparations

  • Microbiological culture (fungi, bacteria)
  • Microscopy
  • ADN/ARN extraction
  • Measure of DNA/RNA/Proteins/bacteria culture concentration
  • PCR of ADN/ARN
  • qPCR of DNA/RNA

List of devices

  • Microbiological culture
    • Biosafety cabinet (BSC) culture (salle L2)
    • Incubators (x3)
    • Thermo-shakers (x2)
  • Microscopy
    • Micromanipulator (LEICA)
    • Microscope (LEICA)
    • Binocular loupe (WILD HEERBRUGG)
  • ADN/ARN extraction
    • BSC Extraction
    • MagNalyser (ROCHE)
    • DNA Speedvac DNA 110
    • QIAcube (QIAGEN)
  • Measure of DNA/RNA/Proteins/bacteria culture concentration
    • Biophotometer (EPPENDORF)
    • Nanophotometer (IMPLEN)
    • Fluorophotometer Qubit2.0 (INVITROGEN)
  • PCR of ADN/ARN
    • Thermo-cyclers (x3) (C1000 Touch Thermal cycler BIORAD ; Veriti 96 wells Thermal cycler APPLIED ; T300 Thermo-cycler BIOMETRA)
    • Chamber for agarose gel/ power supply (BIORAD)
    • ChemiDoc™ MP Imaging System (BIORAD)
  • qPCR of DNA/RNA
    • BSC deposit DNA/RNA
    • BSC Mix (without DNA/RNA)
    • Automate of deposit : QIAgility (QIAGEN)
    • Real time qPCR : Applied 7500 Fast Real time PCR System (APPLIED) x2
    • Real time qPCR : Rotor-Gene Q (QIAGEN)

Access conditions:
All the equipments are free access after asking permission from people in charge.


 Molecular Biology and Microbiology
Molecular Biology and Microbiology

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