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Hematology and biochemistry of plasma

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FRITSCH Clémentine

La Bouloie - Propédeutique building - Building wing M - Floor -2 (-204M)

Brief summary of the activity
Hematological analyses and plasma or urine biochemistry analyses

The analyzes or preparations

  • Hematological analyses on small blood volumes (a few dozen of µlitres) :
    • Hematocrit
    • Hemoglobin
    • Complete blood count including leukocyctic formula
  • Analyses of plasma or urine biochemistry including on micro-volumes ( 100 µL) :
    • Human and veterinary medical diagnostics :
    • « conventional » parameters (substrates, enzymes, specific proteins …)
    • antioxidants
    • ionograms
  • List of devices
  • Haematology analyser HORIBA ABX Micros ES 60
  • Clinical chemistry analyser RANDOX RX daytona+
  • Waeco Portable compressor cooler (cold samples transport)
  • GENSTIL UNIVENTOR 400 Gas anaesthesia system with Isoflurane
  • Pipettes and micro-pipettes
  • Field/benchtop centrifuge

FRITSCH Clémentine

 Hematology and biochemistry of plasma
Hematology and biochemistry of plasma

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