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Handling biological or ecotoxicological samples

B2ME Technical Pole

RIEFFEL Dominique
Office: - Tél: +33 3 81 66 63 52
Mail: RIEFFEL Dominique

La Bouloie - Propédeutique building - Building wing L - Floor -2 (-224L)

Brief summary of the activity
The technical unit for the preparation of biological and ecotoxicological samples allows the preparation and analysis of samples of animal origin.
This laboratory is equipped with equipment allowing the preparation of animal samples from natural environments or breeding rooms.

The analyzes or preparations

  • Dissections,
  • diet,
  • taxonomy,
  • ecotoxicological preparation.

List of devices

  • Dissection equipment,
  • calipers / sliders,
  • scales,
  • binocular loupes,
  • autoclave,
  • fume cupboard,
  • drying rooms,
  • fridge.

Access condition:
It is imperative to respect the sanitary conditions of the room.
- * Type P2 room with restricted access
- * Only samples of animal origin are admitted.

  • mandatory reservation :
    To the reservation portal (restricted area)

RIEFFEL Dominique

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