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Environmental microbiology - cytometry (Montbéliard)

B2ME Technical Pole

Office: 4 - Phone: +33 3 81 99 46 90
Mail: TOUSSAINT Marie-Laure

Montbéliard - Research building - Floors 1 & 2

Brief summary of the activity
Characterization and counting of micro-organism populations, isolation and culture of microorganisms.

The analyzes or preparations

  • Isolation and counting of fungal and bacterial populations from soil or plants.
  • Measurement of mycorrhizal colonization of plants.
  • Study of microbial growth kinetic under controlled conditions for temperature and humidity.
  • Sample preparation for genetic characterization (extraction, amplification, migration and quantification of DNA / RNA).
  • Culture in controlled bioreactor.
  • Vegetal culture in growing chambers with adjustable hygrometry and temperature, germination and growing test.
  • Measurement of bacterial and algal biomasses of samples in solution by cytometry (quantification and qualification of cells according to their size, granulosity and fluorescence).

List of devices

  • molecular biology: vibro ball mill, centrifuge, thermocycler, gel electrophoresis, DNA spectrophotometer
  • TECAN Spark microplate reader equipped for : UV-visible absorbance measurements (200 to 1000nm), humidity management, quantification of microbial DNA / RNA on Nanoquant plate
  • autoclave SMI 90L, benchtop Autoclave (CertoClav EL 18L), laminar flow hood
  • incubator-agitator for 96-well plate or for flasks
  • controlled bioreactor / fermenter with 2 glass vat (2 and 5 L)
  • BD Accuri C6 Flow Cytometer (plate and tube transducer, excitation 488 and 640 nm, detection at 530, 580, 670 and 675 nm)
  • 1 crops room with 8 VEGELED floodlights (red and white spectrum) and 4 LED lighting profiles on benchtop
  • 2 LEICA Stereo microscopes.


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