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Clays and mineral separations

CPEP Technological pole

Manager PERREY Marguerite

La Bouloie - Propédeutique building - Building wing M - Floor -2 (-225M)

Summary of activity
Preparation of samples for the analysis of clay-mineral phases of sediments using XRD (X-Ray diffraction) and TEM (Transmission Electron Microscopy).

Analyzes or preparation
The preparation of samples for X-ray diffraction analysis depends on the nature of the sample.

  • The preparation of the powders comprises dry grinding of the sample followed its deposition on a sample holder.
  • The preparation of the oriented blades is done after treatment:
  • Grinding
    • Preferential dissolution (usually by decarbonation using hydrochloric acid)
    • Recovery of the residue
    • Separation by decantation
    • Placement on a glass slide
      The oriented slides are then analyzed by XRD, either directly or after specific treatment: heating at 550 ° C or saturation with ethylene glycol vapor.

The preparation of samples for the Transmission Electron Microscope analysis is adapted to the nature of the sample:

  • Deposit of a very diluted suspension on a copper grid, 3 mm diameter with a carbon membrane (for samples of powder and micro-crystals).
  • Preparation of a fine blade glued onto a copper ring of 3 mm diameter from a thin rock plate, before ion thinning and carbon deposition (these last two steps are carried out in Dijon).

List of equipment

  • SIGMA 4-16 centrifuge
  • OHAUS Ranger 3000 scales
  • Heidolph orbital agitator
  • US S-LINE 0.8L washer
  • Cyberscan pH11 pH meter

Conditions of access
Please reserve via email with the head of the technical unit.
PERREY Marguerite

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