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PES Technical Pole

Office: -113M - Phone: +33 3 81 66 67 66
Mail: DIDIER Julien

La Bouloie - Propédeutique building - Building wing M - Floor -3 (-320M)

Brief summary of the activity

  1. Sediment core sampling on all types of terrain:
    • Sedimentary cores on hydraulic and manual soil.
    • Sedimentary cores on lake in deep and shallow water.
  2. Biological index Lacustrine.
  3. Prospecting lake funds.

Land Sampling Tools

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MediumSample TypeEquipment
Limestone, peaty, slightly argillaceous soil Sedimentary core Russian core driller (1)
Very compact soil Sedimentary core APAGEO Hydraulic corer (2)

Lake harvesting tools

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Nature of the middle Type of sampling Equipment
Deep Water Sedimentary Carrot UWITEC Floating Platform
Shallow Water (less than 3m) Sedimentary Core Livingstone Floating Platform
Interface Interface Interface core
Surface sampling Lacustre Biological Index Eckman Tipper

Lake exploration tools

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Device Type of prospecting Objective
Echosounder Bathymetry Visualization of lake bottom topography
Sub-Bottom Profiler Seismic Visualization of the geological structures of the lake bedrock

Access conditions:
The room is only accessible via the booking portal of the laboratory platform PES.

Health, Safety & Environment
Make sure you are trained to use all these devices and never leave alone in the field. Strictly observe the health and safety measures relating to field missions.

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