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Study of bio-archaeological material

PES Technical Pole

Manager STOCK Agnès
Office: -103L - Phone: +33 3 81 66 65 59
Mail: STOCK Agnès

Besançon, La Bouloie, propédeutique builing, floor -3, wing M (-309M)

Brief summary of the activity
Study of bio-archaeological cleaned material.

List of devices
The room is equipped with:

  • 1 sink,
  • 1 work table,
  • 1 wardrobe.

Access conditions:
The room is accessible via the booking portal of the PES platform of the laboratory

To the reservation portal (restricted area)

The key to the PES room is available in the key box near the -1M floor photocopier.

Good praticies
As a consequence of the different uses of the room and the existence of storage areas, it is strictly impossible to leave samples that are not processed in a very short time. It also involves setting up your own workspace, checking that it does not overlap with the neighbor’s (in space and time).

For the sake of hygiene and civility, everyone is responsible for their waste and must evacuate by their own means (bin, outdoor trash ..).
Cleaning equipment (brush, sponge ...) is available in the room.

DRIGET Vincent

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