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Palynological & anthracological extractions

ACE Technical Platform

Office: - Tél: +33 3 81 66 67 66
Mail: DIDIER Julien

La Bouloie - Propédeutique building - Building wing M - Floor -2 (-220M)

Brief summary of the activity
Physico-chemical extraction of pollen grains or micro-charcoal for all types of sediments (old and current).

The analyzes or preparations

Extraction Type of samples processed Amount required Extraction time Productivity
Palynology Sedimentary or organic 5g arround 10 business days Up to 32 samples simultaneously
Anthracology Sedimentary or organic 5g arround 7 business days Up to 100 samples simultaneously

List of devices

Type of instrument Date of purchase Use
2 Centrifuges Thermo Scientific™ ST16 TX-400 2016 Rapid recovery of the sample after it has been mixed in aqueous media
Water-bath 11L 2017 Acceleration of chemical reaction
Ultrasonic tank 2002 Cleaning of test tubes
Stove 100°C Dehydration of the sediment samples
Mixer tap Homogenization of water + sediment solutions
4 ventilated hoods including 1 for HF only 2012 Acids / Bases attack

Access conditions
Observe scrupulously the protocols established and available in the room.
Only those trained in palynological and anthracological preparations are allowed to access to the extraction laboratory. Observe safety measures.


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