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Hydrogeology and monitoring of aquatic systems

CPEP Technical Platform

Office: -203L - Phone: +33 3 81 66 64 33
Mail: STEFANI Vanessa

La Bouloie - Propédeutique building - Building wing L - Floor -2 (-226L)
La Bouloie - Propédeutique building - Building wing M - Floor -3 (-320M)

Brief summary of the activity
This Technical Unit (UT) provides equipments and probes for the physico-chemical characterization of surface and groundwaters.

The analyzes or preparations

  • Sampling and measurements in surface and groundwater.
  • Installation of perennial measurement stations in situ.
  • On-site in situ sampling with mobile measuring devices.
  • Sample preparation for chemical analyses.
  • Calibration of the devices.

List of devices

  • Water sampling equipment
    • Automatic samplers ISCO and SIGMA
    • Messenger harvesters:
    • For drilling
    • Bottles
    • Electric drill pumps
    • Electric pumps
    • Hand pumps
    • Small field sampling equipment.
  • Physic & chemical measurements
    • Multiparameter probes :
      • Fixed: Probes Hydrolab MS5X (conductivity, PH, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, pressure, temperature)
      • Mobile: Manual probes WTW Multi (conductivity, PH, dissolved oxygen), Manual probes Odéon from Ponsel (PH, conductivity and photometer)
      • With cable for measurements in great depths: Probes YSI EXO 1 (Conductivité, PH, oxygène dissous, Chlorophylle)
      • Spectrometric probes : Sonde spectro lyser scan.
      • Mono, bi or tri-parameter probes
      • Probes CTD OTT (Température, pression, conductivité)
      • Probes OTT Orpheus mini (Température et profondeur)
      • Temperature probes Prosensor TIDBIT
    • Fluorimeters : GGUN from Albilia:
      • River
      • Driling
  • Hydro-dynamic measurements
    • Piezometric probes
    • Reel currents
    • Infiltrometer
    • Triangular weir
  • Amenities
    • Meteorological stations BWS 200 Campbell Scientific (Temperature of the air, relative humidity, solar radiation and global radiation, wind speed, evapotranspiration, wind direction, precipitations, atmospheric pressure)
    • Caving equipment
    • Ropes
    • Diving equipment
    • Inflatable boat
    • 1000L water tank
  • Tools
    • Drilling machine
    • Generator

Access conditions:
Via the reservation portal of the UMR (restricted area).

To the reservation portal (restricted area)


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