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Cross-cutting Research

The transversal workshops allow to build, based on the research questions and experiences of each theme, innovative tools and methods in response to the questions raised by the research actions. In return, the experience gained from these developments and tools can be relayed to stakeholders and foster innovation, lift scientific barriers, or create interdisciplinary synergies. These workshops are also the place where tools for transferring research actions to operational actors, via models, tools or databases, will be designed. They are therefore particularly important for fostering interdisciplinarity, increasing innovation and the efficiency of the unit’s technological transfers.

These workshops will be four in number, two dealing with measurement (new data sensors, automation, creation of bioindication tools, environmental DNA monitoring), the other two on the apprehension of data (organization and banking, exploration, valuation, modeling).

Open Source Science
Bioindicators and sensors
Mathematical Modeling
Environmental DNA & Metabarcoding
Water Action