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Mathematical Modeling

Manager : PERASSO Antoine

The strength of the research carried out in the UMR is largely based on data series from the various sites and observation devices, often collected over the long term and over a wide spatial coverage, and involving data of different kinds. (eg epidemiological data
collected on a monthly basis and atmospheric data collected daily).
A strong challenge then lies in our ability to design models, empirical (statistical) or theoretical (dynamic), to translate the observed phenomena via a given formalism, then describe them, interpret the patterns and make spatial predictions and / or time. In this perspective, this transversal axis will include in particular all the mathematical modeling activities carried out within the laboratory, identify the methodological needs of researchers and propose various formulas to boost research in the field: development of a discussion forum on the intranet, organization of mini-courses methodological (statistical methods, matrix, differential ...) and practical workshops (introduction to software R, MatLab, LaTeX), establishment of a working group "analysis of cases "
organization of symposiums, such as the MB2 symposium, "BioMathematics Modeling Days of Besançon" organized in partnership with the Mathematical Laboratory of Besançon in 2013 and 2015 and becoming an international event in 2018.

MB² workshop

MB2 workshop

The Laboratoire de Mathématiques de Besançon (LMB) and the laboratoire Chrono-environnement will organized the 3rd edition of MB².

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