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National Observations Services

The laboratory is involved in several national observation services of the CNRS institute INSU. These services bring together a set of resources dedicated to observation to document the formation, evolution and variability of natural systems over the long term.

Multidisciplinary Observatory of Slope Instabilities (OMIV)
The mission of the Multidisciplinary Observatory of Slope Instabilities, is to monitor the long-term evolution of landslide control mechanisms.
Contact : Catherine Bertrand
For more information: PDF file

The National Karst Observation Service (SNO Karst)
The Service national d’observation du KARST aims to strengthen knowledge sharing and promote interdisciplinary research on karst systems in France. About one third of metropolitan France is located in karst regions and their aquifers contribute to about 40% of the drinking water supply.
Contact : Marc Steinmann
See the associated project: Jurassic Karst

The National RENAG Observation Service (SNO RENAG)
The SNO RENAG is the national GNSS network of French research laboratories. It is dedicated to scientific research and Earth observation in internal and external geophysics and geodesy.
See the associated project: the GPS-JURA network is a GNSS geodetic network of six stations distributed over the Jura massif, integrated into the SNO RENAG (IR RESIF-EPOS).
Contact : Christian Sue

The National Peatland Observation Service (SNO Tourbières)
The SNO Tourbières is part of the observatories grouped within OZCAR (Observatoires de la Zone Critique). The main objective of SNO Tourbières is to understand the dynamics and mechanisms of carbon (C), water and energy fluxes in temperate peatlands subjected to global changes and local disturbances.
Contact: Guillaume Bertrand
More information: PDF file

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