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Administration & Commons Facilities

The operation of the Chrono-environment laboratory is based on seven common services.

Administration and financial department
Communication department
Human Resources and Formation
Numerical ressources
Partnership, R&D
 International Relationship

Human Ressource Department and Formation

Human Resources Management and Training

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Manager : LANDRY Sébastien The entire Administrative and Financial Management department is under the responsibility of the laboratory administrator who coordinates actions and tasks with the UMR (...)

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Communication Department

Responsible: IMMEL Francoise
Who to contact at the com? Information website, social networks, computer graphics : FRANC Estelle Seminars, animation and scientific culture, exhibitions : IMMEL (...)

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Health & Safety

Managment: PERREY Marguerite
The laboratory’s health and safety department organizes and enforces all health and safety rules specific to all units in liaison with the occupational physicians (...)

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