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Administration & Commons Facilities

The laboratory functionning is helped with 8 commons facilities.

Administration and financial department
Diffusion of Scientific and Technical Information department
Safety and Environment
Human Resources
Numerical ressources
Partnership, R&D
Training courses
 International Relationship

Workplace First-Aider

Some of the members of the institute are workplace first-aiders.

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Manager : COSTILLE Sylvie The entire Administrative and Financial Management department is under the responsibility of the general secretary of the laboratory, who coordinates the actions and (...)

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Diffusion of Scientific and Technical Information Department

Managment: PAGANI Catherine, TRAP Pierre Who’s who ? Web site : FRANC Estelle, CARRY Nicolas Conferences: CHOULET Flavien Scientific mediation: CARRY Nicolas Infography, (...)

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Research projects office

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Health & Safety

Managment: DIDIER Julien

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Corresponding staff: COSTILLE Sylvie
The staff of the UMR, Researchers, Teachers-Researchers, ITA, BIATSS regularly attend training courses of the CNRS or the University of Franche-Comté for a (...)

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