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Managment: PERREY Marguerite

The laboratory’s health and safety department organizes and enforces all health and safety rules specific to all units in liaison with the occupational physicians concerned, the specialized services of the University and CNRS, and components. This department is made up of seven prevention assistants spread over the different geographical sites of the UMR: five prevention assistants are spread over the unit’s main site - the La Bouloie site -, another is at the Chrono-environnement branch in Montbéliard, and a last one is at the Hauts du Chazal health centre. The prevention assistants actively participate in evacuation drills on the premises as lane guides or lane clamps.

The health and safety department informs staff of the various health and safety training courses relevant to their activities. Each year, it draws up and updates the single occupational risk assessment document. It also monitors the exposure of agents at their workstations via the individual exposure sheets for hazardous products and the individual exposure sheets for ionizing radiation.
The department also makes the occupational health and safety register available to agents and periodically reports its status to the CHSCT of the UFR ST. The department implements measures to limit isolated work by defining organizational rules for certain technical units. In addition, it organizes an annual training session to welcome new recruits to present the health and safety rules in force in the laboratory. Finally, the department is responsible for monitoring regulatory controls of machines, safety showers, chemical storage rooms and medicine cabinets.

The two persons in the laboratory who are competent in radiation protection ensure compliance with protection measures against ionizing radiation, identify situations or work methods likely to lead to exceptional or accidental exposure of workers, draw up an intervention plan in the event of an accident and finally, participate in safety training for exposed workers.

Workplace Health and Safety (WHMIS) Worker’s Compensation (WHMIS)
The laboratory has several people trained in first aid (SST).
In the annuaire, they can be noticed by the pictogram of the white cross on a green background.

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