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Technical Facilities

Coordination: CRINI Nadia, PARELLE Julien.

The objective of this service is to maintain and develop an efficient and readable technical and analytical platform, internally and externally, for research carried out in the laboratory.
From an "operational" point of view, it is a matter of facilitating the daily functioning of the different units of analysis and the work of their managers.
The STAR consists of 42 technical units (TUs) grouped together in a common service (SC) and five analytical platforms:
Each tray and UT runs under the responsibility of an accompanying research staff.
Coordination consists of ensuring that STAR:

  1. effectively supports research conducted within the UMR,
  2. supports the development of platforms, and
  3. contributes to the training and recruitment of technical staff.

The 5 technological platform

Collection, sampling & storing
Physical characterisation for Environmental & Paleoenvironmental studies
Environmental Chemistry
Numerical simulation and modeling, Radiation
Biology, Molecular biology, ecophysiology
Common facilities