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ANR InterArctic 2018-2021

The InterArctic Project has started in January 2018.
The project focuses on the vulnerability, resilience and adaptive capacity of societies to global change in the last millennium. The multidisciplinary approach brings together archaeologists, paleoenvironmentalists, geographers, ecologists and anthropologists. Inuit population (Greenland and West Coast of Canada) will be strongly integrated in the various stages of the project in order to set up a co-production of knowledge.

Funding: 683 000 €
Coordination: Emilie Gauthier

ECOBIO Rennes, IDEES Rouen, CEFE Montpellier, CEARC Versailles, Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, CHROME Nimes, CReAAH Rennes, ESO Angers, CERLOM INALCO Rennes, IRAMAT CRP2A Bordeaux, Centre d’étude nordique de Québec, AVATAQ Institute, Laboratoire de bioarchéologie et Préhistoire de Québec, National Museum of Denmark, National Museum of Greenland, Uummannaq Polar institute

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