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NICH-Arctic ANR 2020-2023

From Nunavik to Iceland:
Climate, Human and Culture through time across the coastal (sub)Arctic North Atlantic

Highlight action: Paleoclimates and paleo-ecological ruptures

NICH-Arctic proposes trans­disci­pli­nary investigations of Human, Cultural and Environ­ment interactions in the Arctic-sub­arctic North Atlantic in a context of climate change and indus­trialization.

The Arctic-Subarctic coastal regions are subject to large ampli­tude changes of climate and sea ice conditions, which play a vital role in accessibility through navigation and livelihood of the cultural communities since prehistoric times.
The history of this regions is however poorly docu­mented from instrumental data. Disciplinary know­ledge has been developed, but with limited communication across disciplines, and between scientists and stakeholders. Hence, it appears urgent to improve sectorial exchanges to develop an inte­grated perspective on climate, habitat, archeology and culture in the context of accelerated changes in the Arctic and subarctic areas.

With the aim to assess on resilience and vulnerability of the Arctic-subarctic North Atlantic the project will integrate multidisciplinary information according to three foci:
- natural variability of sea ice, climate and vegetation,
- adaptation of local human populations to their habitat,
- cultural representation and perceptions of the natural environments by local and outside-of-the-region populations. The target areas include the regions of northern Nunavik, Nain in Labrador, Nuuk in Greenland and Svalbarðshreppur, Iceland, where NICHArctic team members have gained experience and are willing to further conduc.

Financing Belmont Forum:(Arctic 2019, Science for Sustainability - Arctic II), via l’ANR: K€ 632
Coordination: Anne de Vernal (UQAM)
Project duration: 4 years

France: Chrono-environnement, Besançon; ISEM, Montpellier; OVSQ, Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines
Internationaux : Islande, Danemark, USA, Norvège

Key-words: Subarctic, Climate, Coastal sea-ice, Culture, History, Holocene, Resilience and adaptation

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