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Program Megapop 2018-2020

Infectious diseases are a public health problem in the world: they are caused by parasitic viruses, bacteria or eukaryotes and 75% of them come from an animal reservoir.
The Megapop program aims at jointly developing hybrid equation / agent models to account for demographic variations, spatial dynamics of hosts, and of two parasites: Leishmania major in Tunisia and Echinococcus multilocularis in France (Jura Arc workshop zone and Alpes workshop zone). These two models will be based on techniques developed jointly under the MEGAPOP project - spatial simulation of mega-population of rodents to assess their impacts in Tunisia and France, supported from 2018 to 2020 by a Hubert Curien Partnership (PHC). Franco-Tunisian USE.

The multidisciplinary Franco-Tunisian group brings together experts epidemiologists (Tunisians), climatologists (French), ecologists (French) and modellers (French and Tunisians) around a common object, the model, which will then be derived and applied in each of the two ecosystems mentioned above. He supports the co-supervised theses of Wadjy Zaatour, which focuses on the modeling of zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniasis transmission in the region of Sidi Bouzid, and Dora Louati, which is interested in the coupling techniques between telemetry equipment and data base.

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Patrick Giraudoux

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