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FINEAU Project 2020-2023

Use materials based on natural fibers (hemp, flax) for the decontamination of industrial effluents

The FINEAU project - Natural fibers for the treatment of WATER - carried by the Chrono-environnement laboratory (UMR 6249 CNRS - Université de Bourgogne Franche-Comté) has the general objective of synthesizing materials based on natural fibers and using them to decontaminate polycontaminated wastewater from several industrial sectors.
FINEAU is a collaborative and transdisciplinary project made up of academics and industry that aims to develop wastewater decontamination techniques that are simple, effective, ecological and have little or no impact on the environment.

The research areas taken into account in the project are:
- * environmental chemistry for the treatment of wastewater and sludge,
- * chemical analysis for the identification and quantification of industrial pollutants,
- * green chemistry for the modification of innovative materials under soft conditions,
- * materials science for shaping materials and their life cycle,
- * engineering sciences for the characterization of materials (microscopy, spectroscopies, physical analyzes),
- * catalysis which constitutes the material elimination process with the recovery of substances.

Coordination: Grégorio Crini
Funding: Bourgogne Franche-Comté 2020 region - 105 k €
Project duration: 42 months
Staff: a doctoral thesis and an associated post-doctoral fellow (BFC region)
Keywords: natural fibers, wastewater, pollutants, water engineering, surface treatment, territories
Partners: FEMTO-ST (UBFC), UTINAM (UBFC), UMET (Lille), UCEiV (Dunkirk), G. Ronzoni Institute (Milan, Bari, Italy), PROMED Center (Bucharest, Romania), Eurochanvre Arc-les -Gray, Silac Industrie Champlitte, Papeterie de Novillars, Eden Microfluidics Paris

See the project file: HERE
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