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Mining Environment: history, biodiversity & hazards

 Innovative Research Action
The laboratory is involved in a growing number of programs considering the mining environment, from different angles: genesis and availability of mining resources, historical reconstruction of mining operations, impact of mining and mineral processing on the environment and the environment. health.
This research concerns current or past mines present in Europe, but also active mines of African and American continents.

The time windows are very variable (Antiquity, Middle Ages, 17th century, etc.), but may concern mines sometimes 3000 years old. The objective of this transversal action is to federate these experiences around interdisciplinary projects gathering these angles of view, and combining data acquired on old and current mines, in order to measure the ecological consequences of these mines on the long time, and of propose realistic scenarios of the consequences of current and future holdings.

Moreover, comparing the effects of these farms on human health and ecosystems should enable us to identify the control variables and the invariants of the consequences of these exploitations, on short and long time.

Mining environment research topic

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