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Ecos Research Topic

Écosystèmes - Contaminants - Santé
Ecosystems, Contaminant, Health
Research animator: CHALOT Michel
Two assistants: LLANES Catherine et SCHEIFLER Renaud

In this theme, the laboratory brings together three areas of expertise:

Ecos Research Topic

1. Ecosystem Health
The laboratory brings together researchers in aquatic ecology, eco-toxicology, hydrogeology environmental chemistry, plant ecophysiology and soil microbiology working on the effects, fate and impact of chemical contaminants, whether metallic or organic, in ecosystems terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, but also on the development of methods for monitoring, evaluating and rehabilitating the quality of these environments. The objects of study are lakes, rivers, agricultural and forest soils, but also phytol-remediation pilot sites thanks to numerous partnerships with industry and local communities.

2. Human health
Researchers in clinical microbiology and clinical infectiologists, pulmonologists and emergency physicians, focus their work on infectious risks, pathogenic bacteria resistant to antibiotics, allergic respiratory diseases and, more generally, issues related to the impact of the environment on human health.

3. Wildlife Health
The laboratory has the ability to describe and understand the fate and impacts of toxic substances and pathogens in different ecological systems, based on the complementarity of field and laboratory experiments, and statistical or analytical modeling. Researchers are developing skills in ecotoxicology, ecoepidemiology, molecular ecology, population genetics, and conservation biology. The models studied are wild vertebrates, mammals and birds, which represent conservation issues (eg Royal Kite, Chiroptera) and / or play a key role in the functioning of material transfers in terrestrial ecosystems (opportunistic predators such as foxes). red, micro-mammals).

Innovative technology for therapeutic ballistic & radiobiology

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Pathogenic antibiotic resistant Bacterium

In recent years, the development of bacterial resistance to antibiotics has become a major public health problem, recognized as a priority issue by the WHO.

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