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Pathogenic antibiotic resistant Bacterium

ECOS Highlight Action

This highlight action is part of the Human Health competency cluster.

In recent years, the development of bacterial resistance to antibiotics has become a major public health problem, recognized as a priority issue by the World Health Organization. The researchers of Chrono-environnement, linked to the hospital hygiene, epidemiology and bacteriology teams (National Center for Antibiotic Resistance) of the CHRU of Besançon, and the UFR Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, are specialized in the study of antibiotic-resistant pathogenic bacteria. This work will focus on the regulation of antibiotic resistance mechanisms, in particular molecules of last resort such as colistin, in nosocomial pathogens Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Acinetobacter baumannii.

These studies will be based in part on the control of mouse models of infection and full genome sequencing data. The evolution of the genotypic and phenotypic characters of the epidemic strains of P. aeruginosa during their spread will also be studied. The data produced will provide a better understanding of what makes a strain epidemic and multi-resistant. These analyses will call for new skills in sequencing and bioinformatics. They will help define new standards for epidemiological studies and develop prevention strategies in clinical and natural settings.

- See the ALES project 2021-2023

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