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Sopast Research Topic

Past Societies & Environment
Research animator: GAUTHIER Émilie
Two assistants: GARNIER Emmanuel et THIVET Matthieu

In this theme, the laboratory brings together two areas of expertise:

Sopast Research Topic

1. Paleoenvironments and anthropization
This multidisciplinary center of expertise brings together researchers in palaeoenvironments, palaeoecology and archeology with the aim of studying climate change and the interactions between society and the environment on a multi-thousand year scale. The main archives consist of lakes, peat bogs, alluvial systems and clastic littoral systems in three geographical areas: (1) the Arctic; (2) temperate Europe; and (3) the Mediterranean basin. This pole is based on the various skills of Chrono-environment in paleoecology (palynology, anthracology, entomology, dendrochronology, palaeoparasitology, micropaleontology, malacology), sedimentology and geochemistry.

2. Territories and societies
This center of expertise brings together archaeologists and historians, who seek to characterize the impact of societies on the appearance, management and transformation of "territory". The tools used are related to multivariate prospecting methods, archaeological excavation methods, space archeology,
the archeology of buildings and modeling and restitution treatments. The targeted geographical areas are the eastern center of France (Franche-Comté, Burgundy, Champagne), Croatia and Slovenia. The time scales considered range from prehistory to the Middle Ages.