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PhD student (Doctorant)

UMR6249 - Chrono-Environnement

Université de Franche-Comté 16, Route de Gray 25030 Besançon Cedex, France.

Contact : aabdelmo chez

Telephone : 03 81 66 20 60 Mobile : 06 52 72 58 96

Research interests

- Identification and characterization of clay minerals.
- Influence of hydro-thermal alteration in clays properties.
- Using clay minerals as a thermo-barometry.

Current research :

- Dating the fault activity in sedimentary environment by using newly formed clay minerals.

Sedimentary basins are commonly affected by faults which may have major influence on fluid circulation pathways during the first stages of sediments deposition but also during burial diagenesis and tectonic activity. The mechanism of the deformation registered by the fault rock will have major
impacts on their texture and petrophysical properties. The aim of this project is to reconstruct the pressure, temperature, deformation, time pathway of the fault rock through the study of the newly formed clay minerals which are the major constituent of the faults in sedimentary environments. The
studied faults are normal faults affecting the Grès d’Annot in the Southern Alps and thrust fault from the southern Pyrenees. Dating will be realized using the Ar40/Ar39 method on K-bearing clay minerals (illite and illte/smectite mixed layers) after extraction and separation of the different mineral phases which formed during the various stages of burial diagenesis and deformation. The P-T conditions will be studied using thermodynamic modelisation from bulk and mineral chemistry composition. All these data will permit to establish a model of fault activation in the sedimentary