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Management of the Effect of Coastal Stroms

Wiley, 2017

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Management of the Effect of Coastal Stroms
Policy, Scientific and Historical Perspectives
Philippe Quevauviller, Paolo Ciavola et Emmanuel Garnier

In the night of the February 28th, 2010, the French Atlantic coastline was struck by a
particularly violent storm associated with a sea surge which caused the death of 47 people.
The flooded zones where the victims were most numerous corresponded mainly to territories
urbanized during the three last decades. For the population of the littoral, the civil protection
and policy makers, the surprise was total and besides, the catastrophe was presented like a
completely new phenomenon and thus unforeseeable. However, neighbouring countries close
to France had coped with several similar events, sometimes more disastrous still, within the
last 50 years. An example is the famous “Great storm” of 1953 which had caused the death of
several thousands of people in Great Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, and which
had also struck the North of France, illustrating that in France the memory of these extreme
events had apparently been lost.

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