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Séminaire Becky Flowers

vendredi 19 mai à 13H

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Le Vendredi 19 mai 2017 à 13h00, Becky Flowers (Université de Boulder, Colorado) présentera un séminaire intitulé :

"The broadening applicability of (U-Th)/He geo- and thermochronology : from landscape evolution to kimberlite emplacement to lunar impact histories."

Ce séminaire peut intéresser une large communauté. Les géologues bien sûr puisque Becky est géologue de formation, mais dans le cadre de ses recherches elle s’intéresse désormais beaucoup au processus de surface et de basses températures. Par exemple, aux cas des paléo-feux et archéologie.The youngest (U-Th)/He dates that I’ve seen published are 39 ka on allanite from Mono Lake. Oldest are 4.0-ish Ga for lunar zircons (data that we’re trying to publish now).

We can get to 30-50 °C with some minerals and approaches.

There has been work on apatite He dates being reset by wildfires. And on resetting of zircon by Quaternary coal fires - a paper by Riihimaki et al. : "Climate control on Quaternary coal fires and landscape evolution, Powder River basin, Wyoming and Montana".

In most cases the archaeology applications are probably a bit too young, but there might be special cases.

Maybe I will start the talk by some examples of the diversity of problems people are working on with the tool.

Becky Flowers