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Université de Franche-Comté
Géophysique - Sismologie

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Communication ABI NADER Anthony, ALBARIC Julie, STEINMANN Marc, Malet Jean-Philippe, Pohl Benjamin, Fores Benjamin, MARCHAND Anaïs, Geley Camille, Gros Marine, Susanto Kusnahadi, Ferhat Gilbert, STEFANI Vanessa, BOETSCH Anne, PELLECUER Deborah, Rega Mario, Claude Fontaine, Celle-Jeanton Hélène, SUE Christian - 2021 - Seismic and hydro-geophysical monitoring in the Jura mountain. - 5èmes Rencontres Scientifiques et Techniques Résif (Obernai (67210), FR)

Communication ABI NADER Anthony, ALBARIC Julie, Hibert Clément, Malet Jean-Philippe, STEINMANN Marc - 2021 - Underground River Monitoring from Seismic Waves with a Random Forest Algorithm. - 5èmes Rencontres Scientifiques et Techniques Résif (Obernai (67210), FR)

Article ALBARIC Julie, Kühn Daniela, Ohrnberger Matthias, Langet Nadège, Harris Dave, Polom Ulrich, Lecomte Isabelle, Hillers Gregor - 2021 - Seismic Monitoring of Permafrost in Svalbard, Arctic Norway. - Seismological Research Letters

Article Bouzid I., Pino Herrera D., Dierick M., Pechaud Y., Langlois V., Klein P.Y., ALBARIC Julie, Fatin-Rouge N. - 2021 - A new foam-based method for the (bio)degradation of hydrocarbons in contaminated vadose zone. - Journal of Hazardous Materials

Article Larroque Christophe, Baize Stéphane, ALBARIC Julie, Jomard Hervé, Trévisan Jenny, Godano Maxime, Cushing Marc, Deschamps Anne, SUE Christian, Delouis Bertrand, Potin Bertrand, COURBOULEX Françoise, Régnier Marc, Rivet Diane - 2021 - Seismotectonics of southeast France: from the Jura mountains to Corsica. - Comptes Rendus Géoscience

Article Tiberi C., GAUTIER Stephanie, Ebinger C., Roecker S., Plasman M, ALBARIC Julie, Déverchère J, Peyrat Sophie, Perrot J, Ferdinand Wambura R, Msabi M, Muzuka A, Mulibo G, Kianji G - 2019 - Lithospheric modification by extension and magmatism at the craton-orogenic boundary: North Tanzania Divergence, East Africa. - Geophysical Journal International

Article Quenet Mélanie, CELLE Hélène, Voldoire Olivier, ALBARIC Julie, Huneau Frédéric, PEIRY Jean-Luc, Allain Elisabeth, Garreau Alexandre, Aude Beauger - 2019 - Coupling hydrodynamic, geochemical and isotopic approaches to evaluate oxbow connection degree to the main stream and to adjunct alluvial aquifer. - Journal of Hydrology

Article Rabin Mickael, SUE ChristianCorresp., Walpersdorf Andrea, Sakic Pierre, ALBARIC Julie, Fores Benjamin - 2018 - Present‐day deformations of the Jura arc inferred by GPS surveying and earthquake focal mechanisms. - Tectonics

Article Fores B., Champollion C., Mainsant G., ALBARIC Julie, Fort A. - 2018 - Monitoring Saturation Changes with Ambient Seismic Noise and Gravimetry in a Karst Environment. - Vadose Zone Journal

Article Weinstein A., Oliva S. J., Ebinger C. J., Roecker S., TIBERI Christel, Aman M., Lambert C., Witkin E., ALBARIC Julie, GAUTIER Stephanie, PEYRAT Sophie, Muirhead J. D., Muzuka A. N. N., Mulibo G., Kianji G., Ferdinand-wambura R., Msabi M., Rodzianko A., Hadfield R., Illsley-kemp F., Fischer T. P. - 2017 - Fault-magma interactions during early continental rifting: Seismicity of the Magadi-Natron-Manyara basins, Africa. - Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems

Article Roecker S., Ebinger C., TIBERI Christel, Mulibo G., Ferdinand-wambura R., Mtelela K., Kianji G., Muzuka A., GAUTIER Stephanie, ALBARIC Julie, PEYRAT Sophie - 2017 - Subsurface images of the Eastern Rift, Africa, from the joint inversion of body waves, surface waves and gravity: investigating the role of fluids in early-stage continental rifting. - Geophysical Journal International

Article Plasman M., TIBERI Christel, Ebinger C., GAUTIER Stephanie, ALBARIC Julie, PEYRAT Sophie, Deverchere J., Le Gall B., Tarits P., Roecker S., Wambura F., Muzuka A., Mulibo G., Mtelela K., Msabi M., Kianji G., Hautot S., Perrot J., Gama R. - 2017 - Lithospheric low-velocity zones associated with a magmatic segment of the Tanzanian Rift, East Africa. - Geophysical Journal International

Article Harris David, ALBARIC Julie, Goertz-Allmann Bettina, Kuehn Daniela, Sikora Sebastian, Oye Volker - 2017 - Interference suppression by adaptive cancellation in a high Arctic seismic experiment. - Geophysics

Article Dobrynina A., ALBARIC Julie, Deschamps Anne, Perrot Julie, Ferdinand R.W., Déverchère Jacques, San’kov V.A., Chechel’nitskii V.V. - 2017 - Seismic wave attenuation in the lithosphere of the North Tanzanian divergence zone (East African rift system). - Russian Geology and Geophysics

Article ALBARIC Julie, Oye V., Langet N., Hasting M., Lecomte I., Iranpour K., Messeiller M., Reid P. - 2014 - Monitoring of induced seismicity during the first geothermal reservoir stimulation at Paralana, Australia. - Geothermics

Article Albaric Julie, Déverchère Jacques, Perrot Julie, Jakovlev Andrey, Deschamps Anne - 2014 - Deep crustal earthquakes in North Tanzania, East Africa: Interplay between tectonic and magmatic processes in an incipient rift. - Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems

Article Albaric J., Perrot Julie, Déverchère Jacques, Deschamps Anne, Le Gall B., Ferdinand R.W., Petit C., Tiberi C., Sue Christian, Songo M. - 2010 - Contrasted seismogenic and rheological behaviours from shallow and deep earthquake sequences in the North Tanzanian divergence, East Africa. - Journal of African Earth Sciences

Thèse Albaric Julie - 2009 - Relations entre déformation active, rhéologie et magmatisme dans un rift continental : Etude sismologique de la Divergence Nord-Tanzanienne, Rift Est-Africain.

Article Albaric Julie, Déverchère Jacques, Petit Carole, Perrot Julie, Le Gall Bernard - 2009 - Crustal rheology and depth distribution of earthquakes: Insights from the central and southern East African Rift System. - Tectonophysics

Article Calais Eric, D'Oreye Nicolas, Albaric Julie, Deschamps Anne, Delvaux Damien, Déverchère Jacques, Ebinger Cynthia, W. Ferdinand Richard, Kervyn Francois, S. Macheyeki Athanas, Oyen Anneleen, Perrot Julie, Saria Elifuraha, Smets Benoit, Sarah Stamps D., Wauthier Christelle - 2008 - Strain accommodation by slow slip and dyking in a youthful continental rift, East Africa. - Nature

Article Le Gall Bernard, Nonnotte Philippe, Rolet Joël, Benoit M., Guillou Hervé, Mousseau-Nonnotte M., Albaric J., Déverchère Jacques - 2007 - Rift propagation at craton margin. Distribution of faulting and volcanism in the North Tanzanian Divergence (East Africa) during Neogene times. - Tectonophysics