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Article BELLE Simon, PARENT Claire - 2019 - Reconstruction of Past Dynamics of Methane-Oxidizing Bacteria in Lake Sediments Using a Quantitative PCR Method: Connecting Past Environmental Changes and Microbial Community. - Geomicrobiology Journal

Article MARIET Anne-Lise, Monna Fabrice, GIMBERT Frédéric, BEGEOT Carole, Cloquet Christophe, Belle Simon, MILLET Laurent, RIUS Damien, WALTER-SIMONNET Anne-Véronique - 2018 - Tracking past mining activity using trace metals, lead isotopes and compositional data analysis of a sediment core from Longemer Lake, Vosges Mountains, France. - Journal of Paleolimnology

Article Belle Simon, RIUS Damien, BICHET Vincent, Massa Charly, Mavon Christophe, MILLET Laurent - 2017 - Combining limnology and paleolimnology to assess the influence of climate change on two lakes in Southern Greenland. - Polar Biology

Article BELLE Simon, VERNEAUX Valérie, MARIET Anne-Lise, MILLET Laurent - 2017 - Impact of eutrophication on the carbon stable-isotopic baseline of benthic invertebrates in two deep soft-water lakes. - Freshwater Biology

Article BELLE Simon, BAUDROT Virgile, Lami Andrea, Musazzi Simon, Dakos Vasilis - 2017 - Rising variance and abrupt shifts of subfossil chironomids due to eutrophication in a deep sub-alpine lake. - Aquatic Ecology

Article BELLE Simon, Luoto Tomi, Kivilä Henriikka, Nevalainen Liisa - 2017 - Chironomid paleo diet as an indicator of past carbon cycle in boreal lakes: Lake Kylmänlampi (Kainuu province; Eastern Finland) as a case study. - Hydrobiologia

Article Wilhelm Bruno, Nomade Jerome, Crouzet Christian, Litty Camille, Sabatier Pierre, BELLE Simon, Rolland Yann, Revel Marie, Courboulex Françoise, Arnaud Fabien, Anselmetti Flavio - 2016 - Quantified sensitivity of small lake sediments to record historic earthquakes: Implications for paleoseismology. - Journal of Geophysical Research Earth Surface

Article Belle Simon, MILLET Laurent, VERNEAUX Valérie, Lami Andrea, Etienne David, Murgia Laurie, PARENT Claire, Musazzi Simona, GAUTHIER Emilie, BICHET Vincent, MAGNY Michel - 2016 - 20th century human pressures drive reductions in deepwater oxygen leading to losses of benthic methane-based food webs. - Quaternary Science Reviews

Article Belle Simon, MILLET Laurent, Lami Andrea, VERNEAUX Valérie, Musazzi Simona, Hossann Christian, MAGNY Michel - 2016 - Increase in benthic trophic reliance on methane in 14 French lakes during the Anthropocene. - Freshwater Biology

Article BELLE Simon, VERNEAUX Valérie, MILLET Laurent, PARENT Claire, Magny Michel - 2015 - A case study of the past CH4 cycle in lakes by the combined use of dual isotopes (carbon and hydrogen) and ancient DNA of methane-oxidizing bacteria: rearing experiment and application to Lake Remoray (eastern France). - Aquatic Ecology

Article Belle Simon, MILLET Laurent, GILLET François, VERNEAUX Valérie, MAGNY Michel - 2015 - Assemblages and paleo-diet variability of subfossil Chironomidae (Diptera) from a deep lake (Lake Grand Maclu, France). - Hydrobiologia

Article MILLET Laurent, Massa Charly, BICHET Vincent, Frossard Victor, Belle Simon, GAUTHIER Emilie - 2014 - Anthropogenic versus climatic control in a high-resolution 1500-year chironomid stratigraphy from a southwestern Greenland lake. - Quaternary Research

Article Belle Simon, PARENT Claire, Frossard Victor, VERNEAUX Valérie, MILLET Laurent, Chronopoulou Panagiota-Myrsini, Sabatier Pierre, MAGNY Michel - 2014 - Temporal changes in the contribution of methane-oxidizing bacteria to the biomass of chironomid larvae determined using stable carbon isotopes and ancient DNA. - Journal of Paleolimnology

Article Frossard V., Belle S., VERNEAUX Valérie, MILLET Laurent, MAGNY Michel - 2013 - A Study of the d13C offset between chironomid larvae and their head capsules : a contribution to paleoecology. - Journal of Paleolimnology

Article Frossard Victor, Belle Simon, VERNEAUX Valérie, MILLET Laurent, MAGNY Michel - 2013 - A study of the δ13C offset between chironomid larvae and their exuvial head capsules: implications for palaeoecology. - Journal of Paleolimnology