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Article GREGIS Geoffrey, Sanchez Jean-Baptiste, Bezverkhyy Igor, Guy Weber, Berger Franck, Fierro Vanessa, Bellat Jean-Pierre, Celzard Alain - 2018 - Detection and quantification of lung cancer biomarkers by a micro-analytical device using a single metal oxide-based gas sensor. - Sensors and Actuators B Chemical

Article Naidji Bouzid, Husson Jérôme, Taouil Abdeslam Et, Brunol Emmanuelle, SANCHEZ Jean-Baptiste, BERGER Franck, Rauch Jean-Yves, Guyard Laurent - 2016 - Terpyridine-based metallopolymer thin films as active layer in ammonia sensor device. - Synthetic Metals

Article GREGIS Geoffrey, SANCHEZ Jean-Baptiste, Schaefer Sébastien, Fierro Vanessa, BERGER Franck, Bezverkhyy Igor, Weber Guy, Bellat Jean-Pierre, Celzard Alain - 2015 - Detection of lung cancer bio-markers in human breath using a micro-fabricated air analyzer. - Materials Today Proceedings

Article Ollitrault Julien, Martin Nicolas, Rauch Jean, SANCHEZ Jean-Baptiste, BERGER Franck - 2015 - Improvement of ozone detection with WO3 oriented films. - Materials Letters

Article MOHSEN Yehya, SANCHEZ Jean-Baptiste, BERGER Franck, Lahlou Houda, Bezverkhyy Igor, Fierro Vanessa, Weber Guy, Celzard Alain, Bellat Jean-Pierre - 2013 - Selection and characterization of adsorbents for the analysis of an explosive-related molecule traces in the air. - Sensors and Actuators B Chemical

Article Patois T., SANCHEZ Jean-Baptiste, BERGER Franck, Fievet P., Segut O., Moutarlier V., Bouvet M., Lakard B. - 2013 - Elaboration of ammonia gas sensors based on electrodeposited polypyrrole - cobalt phthalocyanine hybrid films. - Talanta

Article Patois Tilia, SANCHEZ Jean-Baptiste, BERGER Franck, Rauch Jean-Yves, Fievet Patrick, Lakard Boris - 2012 - Ammonia gas sensors based on polypyrrole films: Influence of electrodeposition parameters. - Sensors and Actuators B Chemical

Article Lalou Houda, SANCHEZ Jean-Baptiste, Vilanova Xavier, BERGER Franck, Correiga Xavier, Fierro V., Celzard A. - 2011 - Towards a GC-based microsystem for benzene and 1,3 butadiene detection: Pre-concentrator characterization. - Sensors and Actuators B Chemical

Article SANCHEZ Jean-Baptiste, Schmitt Aline, BERGER Franck, Mavon Christophe - 2009 - Silicon-Micromachined Gas Chromatographic Columns for the Development of Portable Detection Device. - Journal of sensors

Article BERGER Franck, SANCHEZ Jean-Baptiste, Heintz Olivier - 2009 - Detection of hydrogen fluoride using SnO2-based gas sensors : Understanding of the reactional mechanism. - Sensors and Actuators B Chemical

Article SANCHEZ Jean-Baptiste, BERGER Franck - 2009 - Towards a hybrid micro-device allowing the selective detection of hydrogen fluoride vapours in a complex mixture. - Talanta

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