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BERTRAND Catherine

Université de Franche-Comté

Productions scientifiques récentes :⊞ voir toute la liste

Article Pelosi C., Bertrand C., Bretagnolle Vincent, COEURDASSIER Michaël, Delhomme O., Deschamps M., Gaba Sabrina, Millet M., Nélieu S., FRITSCH Clémentine - 2022 - Glyphosate, AMPA and glufosinate in soils and earthworms in a French arable landscape. - Chemosphere

Communication Lajaunie Myriam, Broucke Céleste, Malet Jean-Philippe, Gance Julien, Hibert Clément, BERTRAND Catherine, Sénéchal G., Rousset Dominique, Truffert Cathy, Bataillès Claire, Lespine Laurent - 2021 - Geophysical inversion and machine learning of dense 3D seismic and resistivity models for imaging deep landslide structures. - 5èmes Rencontres Scientifiques et Techniques Résif (Obernai (67210), FR)

Communication LHOSMOT Alexandre, Louis Collin, Geneviève Magnon, STEINMANN Marc, BERTRAND Catherine, STEFANI Vanessa, TOUSSAINT Marie-Laure, BERTRAND Guillaume - 2021 - Ecological role of karstic groundwater in peatlands in the context of climate change. The case study of the Frasne peatland (Jura Mountains, France). - Réunion des Sciences de la Terre (Lyon, FR)

Communication BERTRAND Mathieu, VALOIS Rémi, Mazzilli Naomi, Gigleux Sylvain, Girod Lise-Marie, DENIMAL Sophie, BERTRAND Catherine, CHALIKAKIS Konstantinos - 2021 - Groundwater fast drainage dynamics in the Barrois limestones; evidences from an MRS monitoring. - 8th International Workshop on Magnetic Resonance (Strasbourg, FR)

Article LHOSMOT AlexandreCorresp., Collin Louis, Magnon Geneviève, STEINMANN Marc, BERTRAND Catherine, STEFANI Vanessa, TOUSSAINT Marie-Laure, BERTRAND Guillaume - 2021 - Restoration and meteorological variability highlight nestedwater supplies in middle altitude/latitude peatlands: Towards ahydrological conceptual model of the Frasne peatland, JuraMountains, France. - Ecohydrology

Communication LHOSMOT Alexandre, Collin Louis, Magnon Geneviève, STEINMANN Marc, BERTRAND Catherine, STEFANI Vanessa, BINET Philippe, TOUSSAINT Marie-Laure, BOETSCH Anne, BERTRAND Guillaume - 2021 - Characterization of nested water supplies in a mid latitude/altitude peatland using long-term monitoring data before and after restoration. The case study of the Frasne peatland (Jura Mountains, France). - EGU21 (virtual, AT)

Article Pelosi C., Bertrand C., Daniele G., COEURDASSIER Michaël, Benoit P., Nélieu S., Lafay F., Bretagnolle V., Gaba S., Vulliet E., FRITSCH Clémentine - 2021 - Residues of currently used pesticides in soils and earthworms: A silent threat?. - Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment

Article NEVERS PierreCorresp., Bouchez Julien, Gaillardet Jérôme, Thomazo Christophe, CHARPENTIER Delphine, Faure Laëticia, BERTRAND Catherine - 2021 - Landslides as geological hotspots of CO2 emission: clues from the instrumented Séchilienne landslide, western European Alps. - Earth Surface Dynamics 

Communication LHOSMOT Alexandre, BERTRAND Guillaume, STEINMANN Marc, TOUSSAINT Marie-Laure, BERTRAND Catherine, Collin L., Ponçot A., Magnon G., Jeanton H., WALTER-SIMONNET Anne-Véronique, BICHET Vincent, DENIMAL Sophie, GILBERT Daniel, BINET Philippe, STEFANI Vanessa, LOUP Christophe, CRINI Nadia, Bertus V., Paran Frédéric, Graillot Didier, Lavastre V., Pinel S., Caldirak Huseyin, Gogo Sébastien, Laggoun-Défarge Fatima, Jacotot Adrien, Moquet Jean-Sébastien, Binet Stéphane, Gandois L., Winiarski T. - 2019 - CRITICAL PEAT project : The importance of hydrology for Carbon Reactivity along with atmosphere - peatland interactions. Preliminary results from the Frasne peatland monitoring (Jura Mountains, France). - AGU Fall Meeting 2019 (San Francisco, US)

Article Lajaunie M, Gance J, Nevers P, Malet J-P, BERTRAND Catherine, Garin T, Ferhat G. - 2019 - Structure of the Séchilienne unstable slope from large-scale three-dimensional electrical tomography using a Resistivity Distributed Automated System (R-DAS). - Geophysical Journal International

Article Deniau M., Bonafos R., Chovelon M., Parvaud C-E., Furet A., BERTRAND Catherine, Marchand P. - 2019 - Willow Extract (Salix cortex), a Basic Substance of Agronomical Interests. - International Journal of Bio-resource and Stress Management

Article Deiana M., Cervi F., Pennisi M., Mussi M., BERTRAND Catherine, Tazioli A., Corsini A., Ronchetti F. - 2018 - Investigação química e isotópica (δ18O, δ2H, 3H, 87Sr/86Sr) para determinar processos das águas subterrâneas ocorrendo em um escorregamento profundamente arraigado em flysch. - Hydrogeology Journal

Article Bièvre Grégory, Joseph Agnès, BERTRAND Catherine - 2018 - Preferential Water Infiltration Path in a Slow-Moving Clayey Earthslide Evidenced by Cross-Correlation of Hydrometeorological Time Series (Charlaix Landslide, French Western Alps). - Geofluids

Article Gaillardet J., Braud I., Anquetin S., Bour O., Galle S., Galy C., Longuevergne L., Naaim-Bouvet F., Nord G., Simonneaux V., Six D., Tallec T., Valentin C., Abril G., Allemand P., Arfib B., Arnaud L., Arnaud N., Arnaud P., Audry S., Batiot C., Bellot H., Bernard E., Bertrand C., Binet S., Bouchez J., Boudevillain B., Branger F., Brunet P., STEINMANN Marc - 2018 - OZCAR: The French Network of Critical Zone Observatories. - Vadose Zone Journal

Communication NEVERS Pierre, Provost Floriane, KROMER Ryan, BERTRAND Catherine, Malet Jean-Philippe, Marc Vincent, Gaillardet Jérôme, Gance Julien, Abellan Antonio, Jaboyedoff Michel - 2017 - High resolution monitoring of hydrology and deformation in a unstable slope. - EGU General Assembly (Vienne, AT)

Article Zair Nadjet, Chaab Salah, BERTRAND Catherine - 2017 - Aquifer vulnerability to pollution of Oum El-Bouaghi region in North East of Algeria. - Management of Environmental Quality An International Journal

Ouvrage DENIMAL Sophie, BERTRAND Catherine, STEINMANN Marc, Carry Nicolas - 2017 - Comparison of Flow Processes in Drains and Low Permeability Volumes of a Karst System in the French Jura Mountains: High-Resolution Hydrochemical Characterization During a Flood Event. - Advances in Karst Science. EuroKarst 2016, Neuchâtel

Article Marc Vincent, BERTRAND Catherine, Malet Jean-Philippe, CARRY Nicolas, Simler Roland, Cervi Federico - 2017 - Groundwater-Surface waters interactions at slope and catchment scales: implications for landsliding in clay-rich slopes. - Hydrological Processes

Article >De Falco >Melania, Cervi Federico, BERTRAND Catherine, Ronchetti Francesco - 2016 - Hydrogeological investigation of Pietra di Bismantova slab and surrounding slope deposits (northern Apennines, Italy). - Rendiconti Online della Societa Geologica Italiana

Communication Thorel M., Franquet Evelyne, Claret C., Fayolle S., BERTRAND Catherine, Oursel B., Marmonier Pierre, Olivier J.-M., Räpple B., Piégay Hervé - 2016 - Biodiversité des Casiers Girardon : vers une hiérarchisation des gains et des risques liés à la reconnexion de ces anthroposystèmes au chenal principal. - NULL (Toulouse, FR)

Communication Thorel M., Fayolle S., BERTRAND Catherine, Claret C., Oursel B., Rappel B., Marmonier Pierre, Franquet Evelyne - 2016 - Construire un modèle pluridisciplinaire autour de la gestion des casiers Girardon aquatiques. - NULL (Rennes, FR)

Article Fayolle S., BERTRAND Catherine, Logez M., Geijzendorffer Ilse R. - 2016 - Corrigendum: Does mosquito control by Bti spraying affect the phytoplankton community? A 5-year study in Camargue temporary wetlands (France). - Annales de Limnologie - International Journal of Limnology

Communication Thorel M., Fayolle S., BERTRAND Catherine, Claret C., Oursel B., Rappel B., Marmonier Pierre, Franquet Evelyne - 2016 - Dike fields connectivity and diversity: a complex functioning on the Rhone River. - NULL (Marseille, FR)

Article Pelaccia Thierry, Tardif Jacques, Triby Emmanuel, Ammirati Christine, BERTRAND Catherine, Charlin Bernard, Dory Valerie - 2016 - Do emergency physicians trust their patients?. - Internal and emergency medicine

Article Pelaccia Thierry, Tardif Jacques, Triby Emmanuel, Ammirati Christine, BERTRAND Catherine, Dory Valerie, Charlin Bernard - 2016 - From Context Comes Expertise: How Do Expert Emergency Physicians Use Their Know-Who to Make Decisions?. - ANNALS OF EMERGENCY MEDICINE

Article Vergalli J., BERTRAND Catherine, Borla A., Franquet E., Viruel Juan - 2016 - Salt tolerance of Planktothrix agardhii (Gomont) Anagnostidis & Komárek (cyanoprokaryota) between freshwater and brackish strains in batch cultures. - Algological Studies

Article Vallet Aurélien, BERTRAND Catherine, FABBRI Olivier, MUDRY Jacques - 2015 - An efficient workflow to accurately compute groundwater recharge for the study of rainfall-triggered deep-seated landslides, application to the Séchilienne unstable slope (western Alps). - Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Discussions

Ouvrage Vallet Aurélien, Varron Davit, BERTRAND Catherine, MUDRY Jacques - 2015 - 10.1007/978-3-319-09057-3_384. - Engineering Geology for Society and Territory -

Ouvrage BERTRAND Catherine, Vallet Aurélien, MUDRY Jacques - 2015 - Hydrochemical approach of mechanical degradation of the Séchilienne unstable slope. - Engineering Geology for Society and Territory

Ouvrage Vallet Aurélien, Varron Davit, BERTRAND Catherine, MUDRY Jacques - 2015 - Hydrogeological Threshold Using Support Vector Machines and Effective Rainfall Applied to a Deep Seated Unstable Slope (Séchilienne, French Alps). - Engineering Geology for Society and Territory -


Ouvrage Mudry J., Zwahlen F., BERTRAND Catherine, Lamoreaux J.W. - 2014 - H2Karst research in limestone hydrogeology.

Ouvrage BERTRAND Catherine, MUDRY Jacques, DENIMAL Sophie, Guglielmi Yves, Deveze Guillaume - 2014 - In Situ Study of hydrochemical response of a fractured-layered carbonate regional aquifer: Comparative analyses of natural infiltration and artificial leakage in a large dam lake (Vouglans, Jura, France). - Environmental Earth Sciences

Communication BERTRAND Catherine, Marc Vincent, Vallet Aurélien, Mudry Jacques, Schmitt Anne-Désirée - 2013 - Apport de l'hydrogéochimie pour la caractérisation des mouvements gravitaires. - JAG - 3èmes journées Aléas gravitaires (Grenoble, FR)

Communication BERTRAND CatherineCorresp., Vallet Aurélien, Mudry Jacques - 2013 - Approche hydrochimique de la dégradation mécanique du versant instable de Séchilienne. - JAG - 3èmes journées Aléas Gravitaires (Grenoble, FR)

Communication Marc V, Cervi F., BERTRAND Catherine, Malet Jean-Philippe - 2013 - Caractérisation du système d’écoulement à grande échelle des eaux souterraines dans des versants instables de marnes par observation et modélisation hydrochimique. - Journées Aléa Gravitaire (Grenoble, FR)

Article Vallet Aurélien, BERTRAND Catherine, Mudry Jacques - 2013 - Effective rainfall: a significant parameter to improve understanding of deep-seated rainfall triggering landslide - a simple computation temperature based method applied to Séchilienne unstable slope (French Alps. - Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Discussions

Autre MUDRY JacquesCorresp., Bertrand Catherine, Zwahlen François - 2013 - Environmental Earth Sciences (Springer Verlag) Besancon--karst aquifers topical issue.

Communication Vallet Aurélien, BERTRAND Catherine, Varron Davit, MUDRY Jacques - 2013 - Hydrogeological threshold using effective rainfall and support vector machine (SVM) applied to a deep seated unstable slope (Séchilienne, French Alps). - Journée Aléa Gravitaire (Grenoble, FR)

Article MUDRY JacquesCorresp., Bertrand Catherine, Zwahlen François - 2013 - introductory editorial. - Environmental Earth Sciences

Article BERTRAND Catherine, Mudry Jacques - 2013 - le karst franc-comtois. - Bulletin de la Société d' Histoire Naturelle du Doubs

Article Bruna Pierre-Olivier, Guglielmi Yves, Lamarche Juliette, Floquet Marc, Fournier François, SIZUN Jean-Pierre, Gallois Arnaud, Marié Lionel, BERTRAND Catherine, HOLLENDER Fabrice - 2013 - Porosity gain and loss in unconventional reservoirs: Example of rock typing in Lower Cretaceous hemipelagic limestones, SE France (Provence). - Marine and Petroleum Geology

Article Birck C., Epaillard I., Leccia M.-F., Crassous C., Morand A., Miaud C., Bertrand C., Cavalli L., Jacquet S., Moullec P., Bonnet R., Sagot C., Franquet E., Nellier Y.M., Perga M.E., Cottin N., Pignol Cécile, Malet Emmanuel, Naffrechoux E., Giguet-Covex Charline, JOUFFROY-BAPICOT Isabelle, Etienne D., MILLET Laurent, Sabatier Pierre, Wilhelm Bruno, Perren B., Arnaud Fabien - 2013 - Sentinel lakes: a network for the study and management of mountain lakes in the French Alps and in Corsica. - eco.mont

Article Charlier Jean-Baptiste, BERTRAND Catherine, MUDRY Jacques - 2012 - Conceptual hydrogeological model of flow and transport of dissolved organic carbon in a small Jura karst system. - Journal of Hydrology

Communication Charlier Jean-Baptiste, MUDRY Jacques, BERTRAND Catherine - 2011 - Infiltration processes in karst using an event-based conceptual model of flow and transport of dissolved organic carbon. - H2Karst - 9th Conference on Limestone Hydrogeology - (BESANCON, FR)

Article Van Dijk E., Chen C., D’Aubenton-Carafa Y., Gourvennec S., Kwapisz M., Roche V., BERTRAND Catherine, Silvain M., Legoix-Né P., Loeillet S., Nicolas A., Thermes C., Morillon Antonin - 2011 - XUTs are a class of Xrn1-sensitive antisense regulatory non-coding RNA in yeast. - Nature

Article Charlier Jean-Baptiste, BERTRAND Catherine, Binet Stéphane, MUDRY Jacques, Bouillier Nicolas - 2010 - Use of continuous measurements of dissolved organic matter fluorescence in groundwater to characterize fast infiltration through an unstable fractured hillslope (Valabres rockfall, French Alps). - Hydrogeology Journal

Ouvrage Charlier Jean-Baptiste, MUDRY Jacques, BERTRAND Catherine - 2010 - Use of dissolved organic carbon to characterize infiltration in a small karst system in the French Jura mountains (Fertans). - Advances in research in karst media

Communication CHARLIER Jean-baptisteCorresp., MUDRY Jacques, BERTRAND Catherine, FORAZ Nicolas - 2010 - Use of dissolved organic carbon to characterize infiltration in a small karst system in the French Jura mountains (Fertans, France). - 4th International Symposium on Karst (ISKA) (Malaga, ES)

Article Brioudes F., Joly Caroline, Szécsi Judit, Varaud Emilie, Leroux J., Bellvert F., BERTRAND Catherine, Bendahmane Mohammed - 2009 - Jasmonate controls late development stages of petal growth in Arabidopsis thaliana. - Plant Journal

Article De Montety V., Marc Vincent, EMBLANCH Christophe, Malet Jean-Philippe, BERTRAND Catherine, Maquaire O., Bogaard T. - 2007 - Identifying origin of groundwater and flow processes in complex landslides affecting black marls in southern French Alps: insights from an hydrochemistry survey. - Earth Surface Processes and Landforms

Article Binet Stéphane, Guglielmi Yves, BERTRAND Catherine, MUDRY Jacques - 2007 - Unstable rock slope hydrogeology: insights from the large-scale study of western Argentera-Mercantour hillslopes (South-East France). - Bulletin Société Géologique de France

Communication Charmoille Arnaud, BERTRAND Catherine, MUDRY Jacques - 2006 - Etude détaillée, à l'échelle métrique, du comportement hydraulique d'un aquifère fracturé carbonaté à double perméabilité à partir de mesures hydrochimiques in-situ (site expérimental de Coaraze, France). - AquainMed-06 (Malaga, ES)

Article DENIMAL Sophie, BERTRAND Catherine, MUDRY Jacques, Paquette Yves, Hochart Magalie, STEINMANN Marc - 2005 - Evolution of mine pit lakes aqueous geochemistry - Blanzy - Montceau-les-Mines coal basin (Massif Central, France), origin of sulfate contents ; effects of stratification on water quality. - Applied Geochemistry